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Aging & Disease (A&D) is a peer reviewed, open access online journal that aspires to publish novel and high-impact findings on central issues pertaining to the biology of aging, pathophysiology of age-related diseases, and innovative therapies for diseases afflicting the elderly population. The diseases of interest include (but not limited to) Stroke, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson’s disease, Epilepsy, Dementia, Depression, Cardiovascular Disease, Cancer, Arthritis, Cataract, Osteoporosis, Diabetes and Hypertension. Studies on animal models as well as human tissues or cells are welcome.

Manuscripts in the following areas are of particular interest:

(A) Biology of Aging:

(B) Pathophysiology of Age-related Diseases:

(C) Novel treatments for Diseases afflicting the elderly

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April, 2014

Associate Editor

Jian Zhang, M.D.,


Original articles

Riikka Heikkinen, et al.

Brain Ischemia in Alzheimer Disease

Abstract   Full Text PDF (1212KB)

Marlene E. Starr & Hiroshi Saito

Sepsis in Old Age:

Abstract   Full Text PDF (652KB)  

Hyung-Jin Kim, et al.

NAD+ Metabolism in Age-Related Hearing Loss

Abstract   Full Text PDF (599KB)  

Irina Grishina, et al.

Aging, Sex hormones in Mucosal Injury

Abstract   Full Text PDF (874KB)  

Chandrasekharam N. Nagineni, et al.

Resveratrol Suppresses Expression of VEGF

Abstract   Full Text  PDF (1570KB)  

Ryan Oakley & Binu Tharakan

Vascular Hyperpermeability and Aging

Abstract   Full Text PDF (890KB)    

Qun S. Zang, et al.

Sepsis-induced Cardiac Mitochondrial Damage

Abstract   Full Text PDF (619KB)   

Ninu Poulose & Raghavan Raju

Aging, Injury and Organ Function

Abstract   Full Text PDF (605KB)  

Peter M. Nilsson

Hemodynamic Aging and EVA

Abstract   Full Text PDF (549KB)