Low level of Vitamin C and dysregulation of Vitamin C transporter might be involved in the severity of COVID-19 Infection
Gregory Patterson,Carlos M. Isales,Sadanand Fulzele
Table 4 Ongoing clinical trials register for using Vitamin C alone or in combination with other drug for treatment of COVID-19 infections.
S.No.Identification NumberCountryParticipantInterventionRegister with
1ChiCTR2000029768Wuhan, Hubei, China60 ParticipantsDiammonium Glycyrrhizinate Enteric-coated Capsules (oral, 150mg, Tid), Oral Vit C tablets (.5 g) every dayChictr.org
2ChiCTR2000030135Xi'an, Shaanxi, China39 ParticipantsHigh dose Vit CWHO.int
3NCT04264533Wuhan, Hubei, China140 participantsIV 12g Vit C every 12 hoursClinicaltrail.gov
4NCT04323514Palermo, Italy500 participantsIV 10g Vit C plus conventional therapyClinicaltrial.gov
5NCT03680274Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada800 participantsIV 50 mg/kg Vit C every 6 hours for 96 hoursClinicaltrial.gov
6NCT04326725Istanbul, Turkey80 participantsHydroxychloroquine 200mg plus vitamin C and zinc every dayClinicaltrial.gov
7IRCT20190917044805N2Tehran, Iran60 participantsIV 12g Vit C in .5% dextrose (total volume 200ml)IRCT.ir
8IRCT20200324046850N5Abadan, Khuzestan Province, Iran40 participantsHydroxychloroquine 200 mg plus oral 500 mg Vit C every 12 hours for 5 daysIRCT.ir
9NCT04347889N/A1212 participantsHydroxychloroquine 800 mg followed by once weekly oral hydroxychloroquine 400 mg for 3 months vs. Oral Vitamin C 1,000 mg dailyClinicaltrial.gov
10ChiCTR2000032400Huangpu, Shanghai, China120 participantsIV 100mg/kg Vit C every dayWHO.int
11NCT04344184Richmond, Virginia, United States200 participantsIV 100 mg/kg Vit C every 8 hoursClinicaltrial.gov
12NCT04357782Richmond, Virginia, United States20 participantsIV 50mg/kg Vit C every 6 hours for 4 daysClinicaltrial.gov
13NCT04370288Mashhad, Razavi Khorasan, Iran20 participantsTreatment with mixture of methylene blue, Vit C, N-acetyl cysteineClinicaltrial.gov
14ChiCTR2000032717Xi'an, Shaanxi, China60 participantsHigh dose vitamin C plus Chinese medicine for treatment of COVID-19CHICTR.org.in
15ChiCTR2000032716Shanghai, Shanghai, China12 participantsHigh dose IV vitamin C treatment upon diagnosis of severe COVID-19CHICTR.org.in
16NCT04363216Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States66 participantsEscalating dose of oral Vit C (0.3g/kg, 0.6g/kg, 0.9g/kg) every 6 hoursClinicaltrial.gov
17ACTRN12620000557932Australia, United States, Germany200 participantsTrial arms:
1)Hydroxychloroquine plus zinc plus Vit D3/B12 plus azithromycin plus IV Vitamin C 2) Hydroxychloroquine plus zinc plus Vit D3/B12 plus azithromycin
18IRCT20200411047025N1Tehran, Iran110 participantsIV 1.5g Vit C 4 times a day plus hydroxychloroquine 400 mgIRCT.ir
19IRCT20140305016852N4Sabzevar, Razavi Khorasan, Iran30 participantsTreatments of 500mg Vit C daily for a weekIRCT.ir
20IRCT20200418047121N1Kermanshah, Kermanshah, Iran40 participants250mg Azithromycin once daily, 100 mg of doxycycline twice daily, 1.5g Vit C every 6 hours, and 500mg metforminIRCT.ir
21TCTR20200404004Bangkok, Thailand400 participantsTrial arms:
1) Chloroquine 10 mg base/kg once a day 2) Vitamin C 1000 mg once a day
22NCT04334512Ventura, California, United States600 participantsQuintuple therapy consisting of hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, zinc, vit C and D for 10 daysClinicaltrials.gov
23NCT04335084Ventura, California, United States600 participantshydroxychloroquine, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Zinc can prevent symptoms of COVID-19Clinicaltrials.gov
24NCT04342728Weston, Florida, United States
and Cleveland, Ohio, United States
520 participantsTrial arms:
1)Vit C 8000mg in 2-3 doses 2)Zinc Gluconate 50mg daily 3)Vit C 8000mg plus Zinc gluconate 50mg daily 4)Standard of care
25NCT04328961Various cities throughout the united states2000 participantsTrial arms:
1) Oral 500mg Vit C daily for 3 days then 250mg for 11 days 2) 400mg Hydroxychloroquine for 3 days then 200mg for 11 days
26ChiCTR2000033050Shanghai, China110 participantsHigh dose IV Vitamin C to patients with COVID-19CHICTR.org.in
27NCT04395768Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia200 participantsIV vitamin C, Hydroxycholorquine, azithromycin, Zinc citrate, Vitamin D3, Vitamin B12 for treating COVID-19Clinicaltrials.gov
28NCT04334967Portland, Oregon, United States13 participantsTrial arms:
1) 800mg hydroxychloroquine on day 1, 400mg on days 2-5 2) 2000mg of Vit C on day 1, 1000mg on days 2-5
29NCT04354428Various cities throughout the United States630 participantsTrial arms:
1) Vit C plus folic acid 2) Hydroxychloroquine plus Folic Acid 3) Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin
30NCT04401150Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada800 participantsIV 50 mg/kg Vit C every 6 hoursClinicaltrial.gov