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Aging and Disease    2015, Vol. 6 Issue (1) : 48-55     DOI: 10.14336/AD.2014.0124
Eating Disorders in Late-life
Antonina Luca1, Maria Luca2, Carmela Calandra2, *
1Department “G.F. Ingrassia” Section of Neuroscience, University of Catania (Sicily), Italy.
2Department of Medical and Surgery Specialties, Psychiatry Unit of the University Hospital “Policlinico-Vittorio Emanuele” of Catania (Sicily), Italy. Via S. Sofia 78, 95100 Catania.
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Eating disorders are a heterogeneous group of complex psychiatric disorders characterized by abnormal eating behaviours that lead to a high rate of morbidity, or even death, if underestimated and untreated. The main disorders enlisted in the chapter of the Diagnostic and Statistic Manual of Mental Disorders-5 dedicated to “Feeding and Eating Disorders” are: anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder. Even though these abnormal behaviours are mostly diagnosed during childhood, interesting cases of late-life eating disorders have been reported in literature. In this review, these eating disorders are discussed, with particular attention to the diagnosis and management of those cases occurring in late-life.

Keywords eating disorders      anorexia nervosa      bulimia nervosa      binge eating disorders      eating disorders in late-life     
Corresponding Authors: Carmela Calandra   
Issue Date: 01 February 2015
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Antonina Luca
Maria Luca
Carmela Calandra
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Antonina Luca,Maria Luca,Carmela Calandra. Eating Disorders in Late-life[J]. Aging and Disease, 2015, 6(1): 48-55.
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