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Article Processing Charges and Waivers 

Aging and Disease operates as a peer-reviewed, open-access journal. Upon acceptance of a manuscript, authors are required to cover an article processing charge (APC), and every published article is released under a Creative Commons license. The articles are promptly accessible for reading, downloading, and sharing, provided proper attribution is given to the original source.

To sustain its operations, Aging and Disease relies on APCs. The primary author of a manuscript is accountable for making the APC payment or arranging for it once the manuscript is accepted for publication. Numerous grants permit the allocation of funds for covering APCs. Moreover, your organization or library might administer departmental or institutional funds that could be used for this purpose. The accepted manuscript will proceed to publication once the payment is received or a waiver is granted, and all copyediting, production, and electronic publishing tasks are finalized.

Should the Corresponding Author be situated in a country categorized as having a low-income economy in the latest World Bank classification and lack access to institutional funding, they are eligible to request an APC waiver. This request must be indicated in the Cover Letter during the manuscript submission process. For authors who don't meet the preset waiver criteria, the possibility of receiving a discretionary APC waiver is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. If applicable, the Corresponding Author should furnish evidence of financial hardship alongside the waiver request. Send the waiver request and necessary documentation to The Publishing team will review the request for consideration.

Please bear in mind that requests for waivers submitted after the initial submission will not be taken into account. Aging and Disease will hold off on reviewing a submission until any pending waiver request is resolved.

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