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Aging and Disease    2017, Vol. 8 Issue (2) : 162-175     DOI: 10.14336/AD.2016.0831
Review |
Allergy and Aging: An Old/New Emerging Health Issue
Massimo De Martinis,Maria Maddalena Sirufo,Lia Ginaldi
Department of Life, Health, & Environmental Sciences, University of L'Aquila, L'Aquila, Italy
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Allergy reactions are the most common immunological diseases and represent one of the most widespread and fast growing chronic human health problems among people over 15 years of age in developed countries. As populations get older worldwide, allergy manifestations in aged persons will occur more often in the future. To date, there has been much more studies on allergies in children than in adults. As the population ages, clinicians must be prepared to meet all the elderly's health care needs, including these new and emerging health issue. Allergic diseases represent an old/new emerging health issue. Because many common illnesses masquerade as atopic disease, the differential diagnosis of suspected allergic diseases becomes more expanded in an aging population. Research in the field needs to focus on both human and animal model systems to investigate the impact of the aging process on the immunologic pathways underpinning allergy and its different facets.

Keywords aging      allergy      elderly      immunosenescence      translational immunology      geriatrics     
Corresponding Authors: Massimo De Martinis   
Issue Date: 01 April 2017
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Massimo De Martinis
Maria Maddalena Sirufo
Lia Ginaldi
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Massimo De Martinis,Maria Maddalena Sirufo,Lia Ginaldi. Allergy and Aging: An Old/New Emerging Health Issue[J]. A&D, 2017, 8(2): 162-175.
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