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Aging and disease    2018, Vol. 9 Issue (4) : 745-747     DOI: 10.14336/AD.2018.0223
Opinion |
Kidney Disease in Elderly: Importance of Collaboration between Geriatrics and Nephrology
Ahmed Faheemuddin Azher*
OSF Saint Anthony Medical Center, Rockford, Illinois, USA
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The population in the United States is aging and presents many challenges in the healthcare world. According to the report released by United States Census Bureau in June 2017, there are around 50 million residents aged 65 years and over as of 2016. Among the multiple healthcare challenges, kidney disease is a significant one because of its high burden, high cost and low awareness. Medicare spending on chronic kidney disease for 65 plus aged patients exceeded $ 50 billion in 2013. Different studies based on different calculations have estimated that at least one-third of chronic kidney disease patients are aged above 65 years. Most of the chronic kidney disease patients have multiple medical co-morbidities but geriatric syndromes are added factors that may be challenging for nephrologists. There is scarcity of well-trained geriatricians and in most instances, nephrologists take over the role of internist or geriatrician. This article outlines the need and importance of collaboration and coordination between geriatrics and nephrology for the best patient care and better healthcare outcomes.

Keywords nephrology      geriatrics      chronic kidney disease      dialysis     
Corresponding Authors: Ahmed Faheemuddin Azher   
About author:

These authors equally contributed to this work.

Issue Date: 01 August 2018
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Ahmed Faheemuddin Azher
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Ahmed Faheemuddin Azher. Kidney Disease in Elderly: Importance of Collaboration between Geriatrics and Nephrology[J]. Aging and disease, 2018, 9(4): 745-747.
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